What is Palm Sugar or Panam Kalkandu

What is Palm Sugar or Panam Kalkandu??

Panam kalkandu is also known as Palm Sugar. It is a kind of sugar made from the sap of the flower spikes of Palm Tree. (Panai Maram in Tamil)

Another sweet drink is also made from this sap, in most parts of Southern Tamil Nadu, known as Pathaneer.

This Panam kalkandu is a kind of crystallised sugar. It is also known as Panang kalkandu, Palm Sugar Candy, Lump Sugar or rock candy in English.

How is Panam Kalkandu made

The sap of the flower spikes of the palm tree are collected, and boiled in large shallow vessels using firewood, until it becomes thick syrup. Then it is allowed to crystallize to form different shapes and sizes.

Panam Kalkandu nutrition

Panam kalkandu is rich in nutrients and also has a low glycemic index that is why it is considered to do good for diabetic patients. It is rich in iron, calcium, potassium, and contains numerous minerals and vitamins, including zinc.

Panam kalkandu is a complete natural product with no added chemicals or preservatives.

Panam Kalkandu benefits

As Panam Kalkandu is rich in Iron it improves haemoglobin levels and thus improves blood picture.

Regular intake of Panam Kalkandu increases immunity, as it is rich in numerous minerals and vitamins including zinc.

Panam Kalkandu reduces Free radicals build up in cells and thus overcomes cell damage and ageing.

Panam Kalkandu reduces the risk of cancer and other diseases as it is natural and free from chemicals, unlike refined sugar.

Panam Kalkandu improves digestion and cleans up the intestinal tract.

Panam Kalkandu quenches thirst, treats dehydration and thus helps in maintaining the electrolyte balance.

As Panam Kalkandu is rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B, iron, and calcium, it is considered as a powerful energy booster for all ages, including babies.

How To Use Panam Kalkandu

Panam Kalkandu can be used as a substitute for refined white sugar in all dishes.
Panam Kalkandu Recipes

Panam Kalkandu Paal, Panam Kalkandu Manjal Paal, Panam Kalkandu Sadam, Panam Kalkandu Paniyaram, Panam Kalkandu Pongal, Panam Kalkandu Payasam, Panam Kalkandu Rava laddu, etc are some recipes of Panam Kalkandu.

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