Terms and Conditions

Shipping time frames and terms.
Most of our products are, made to order only, however some products may be available at some point of time. The normal time frame required for shipping is 7 days. In some special cases speedy delivery can be also arranged.

Return processing.
Under no circumstances returns or cancellation of orders will be accepted, except under special circumstances.

Conditions of use.
All our products are homemade in small quantities, therefore there is no chance of any complaints, however users are requested to use our products on trial basis before consuming in the case of food products and are advised to take patch test before using the external application products.

Privacy disclaimers.
For our privacy disclaimer kindly refer our detailed privacy policy.

Payment terms.
Payment should be made in advance and no Cash on Delivery – COD facility is available as all products are made to order only and once the manufacturing process is initiated. Payments once received will not be refunded at any cost and circumstances. Orders once placed also cannot be cancelled under any circumstances.
Payments not credited in our account should be always dealt with the paying bank directly only and we will not be in a position to help you in this regard. Payments wrongly debited or excessively debited should be also dealt with the bankers and the payment gateways only.

Delivery charges.
Delivery charges will be charged extra always based on the distance and the weight of the consignment. However specific quotes can be taken from us for special cases and destinations.

We are not liable for any untoward incidents or loss; however special attention will be taken on every specific case.
Any loss of consignment in transit should be also taken up with the logistic service provider only, however all necessary records and help will be extended from our end.

Product descriptions.
Products description should be clearly understood before using and should be used only on the recommended method, however special advice by suitable persons will be provided for specific cases.

Intellectual property.
The method and the directions for use are the intellectual property of Annams Recipes Shop only. No individual or company should use the secrets mentioned herein or explained during the course of business.